Tinnitus Support Options

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The Invisible Hearing Clinic is based in Glasgow. We specialise in supporting Tinnitus and Hyperacusis patients throughout the UK and further afield using telehealth and remote support to enhance their range of tinnitus support options.

Tinnitus Support Meetings


Alan Hopkirk organises a range of free online tinnitus support options, including Tinnitus UK’s (formerly BTA) Glasgow and West of Scotland Tinnitus Support group, which meets several times a year for physical meetings next door to Invizear’s clinic in Central Glasgow.

Regular online attendees are welcome, but we also extend a big welcome to those living geographically further afield. (So far, we have had attendees from Florida, USA, Delhi, India and Melbourne, Australia so we should have no problem with Penzance or Wick!) The next online meeting is scheduled for 3rd October 2023.



Alan Hopkirk explaining the Various tinnitus support options
  • Future Face-to-Face Meetings: (click to book)


    • A meeting will be scheduled for October TBC.

You can talk to us on 0141 226 2268 about our free and paid tinnitus support resources. We will continue offering free support services to those suffering from Tinnitus and/or Hyperacusis. For many, this type of support will be all you need.

Expert Individual Tinnitus Support


If the impact of tinnitus is particularly bothersome or you haven’t been able to progress on your own, we also offer a range of more detailed individual tinnitus support options, depending on your need. Your first step would be an online assessment and personal consultation, which is £245.00 (details below).

Personal Remote Telehealth Assessment

This involves the completion of our detailed online tinnitus questionnaires and personal details of your tinnitus and hyperacusis journey. Our tinnitus expert (Alan Hopkirk) will then spend time offline analysing your responses and identifying the specific issues affecting you. This will form the basis of a one-hour individual online consultationideally, with your spouse, partner or significant other. The aim of the consultation is to focus on your relationship with your tinnitus and how you can turn this around. At the end of this session, you should have a clear understanding of your next steps and how to put them into action.

The fee for this online assessment and initial support is £245.00.

Personal In-Clinic Comprehensive

Tinnitus Assessment


This includes all of the features of the remote assessment as above. First, we establish our focus and priorities. Then we will then arrange in-clinic tests to understand your auditory system in detail. At the same time, we will explain how we will optimise treatment for you.

We will then demonstrate our tinnitus treatment which is based on the Jastreboff Neurophysiological model. We apply an expanded holistic treatment with TRT – Tinnitus Retraining Therapy at its core. The explanation and further detail is a starting point for your long-term effective treatment as detailed below.

The fee for this physical assessment and initial support is £375.00. The cost of the £245.00 online assessment can be deducted in full if the In-Clinic Option is booked within three months.

We determine your specific situation, the impact of your Tinnitus and/or Hyperacusis and any hearing requirements. Then we can design a treatment package tailored to your needs. This is based on the Jastreboff Neurophysiological Model. It involves a holistic protocol based on Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT). The treatment is specific and fine-tuned for each patient. 

Patients typically make significant improvements quickly. However, we know that making long-term changes requires perseverance and patience. Beware those who promise a “cure” or “instant fix”. Our treatment protocols provide full 18-month support. This ensures that we are there for you for the long term.

What Do I Do Next?

To enquire about our tinnitus support options or book one of our treatments please fill in the form below or call us to discuss your options.

Tinnitus Support Options

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