The Invisible Hearing Clinic

Hearing Wellness Throughout Your Life

The Invisible Hearing Clinic

Hearing Wellness Throughout Your Life

The Invisible Hearing Clinic

About Invizear

Here at The Invisible Hearing Clinic, we do things differently. That’s because we know that your hearing is vitally important, not just for hearing sounds but also for understanding and “feeling” the content. It’s about rebuilding confidence and challenging the oft-forgotten emotions involved when you realise you have lost or are losing something that most of us take for granted!

Your Hearing Journey

We take a bit longer to do our assessments, often doing tests that others can’t or don’t do. We put in the time to support and encourage you to get the most out of any system we dispense, making the whole journey more manageable and fun too! If we can include your partner or closest family in the process, that is even better. After all, hearing is invisible, so helping your other half or your children understand everything involved helps us help you.


For most people who experience Tinnitus, background health checks by your GP and further referral, if appropriate, are often enough to reassure you. However, one-fifth of those with Tinnitus need additional support, and sadly, many are told, “there is nothing that we can do!” – This is simply not true!

As part of our commitment to the audiology community, we take time to invest in our annual THIS – Tinnitus, Hyperacusis & Hearing Information Shows. We invite world-leading Academics and Health Professionals to talk directly to the public and encourage discussion and action on your hearing. Our audience includes the much-neglected group of people significantly affected by Tinnitus, Sound Sensitivity or both. Prevention is better than cure, so we also offer hearing protection and advice on looking after your precious hearing for the future.

Proactive Hearing Care

We promote proactive care for your hearing (many people are told that their hearing is “Okay” or “you are not deaf enough yet”). We strongly believe in early intervention; after all, you are twice as likely to present with dementia with an untreated “mild” hearing loss – the key is untreated! So if you (or someone close to you) is concerned about your hearing, we’ll take that concern seriously and advise you appropriately.

Alan Hopkirk, Clinical Director of The Invisible Hearing Clinic

Our Services

Healthy Hearing

Healthy Hearing

We offer a unique combination of care and up-to-the-minute hearing aid technology and assistive technology and our hearing assessments centre on your individual requirements. By breaking the boundaries of technology in creative ways, we are able to generate solutions to help you hear, understand and experience the rich world of sound.

Specialist Tinnitus Treatments

Tinnitus Treatments

There is no one-size-fits-all tinnitus treatment. Success arrives from our skill at correctly identifying your individual needs. We can’t offer you a cure; they don’t exist yet. In most cases, after treatment, you’ll still have Tinnitus. However, you will cope with it, and it won’t have prominence or intrusiveness in your life.

Microsuction earwax removal

Earwax Removal

The old ear-syringing wax-removal method was undertaken blind. We use a direct-vision microscope, to see clearly into your ear canal. Our gentle microsuction earwax removal procedure means that you will leave our clinic with completely wax-free ears. We are highly qualified audiologists of long-standing, and your ears will be in the safest hands.