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Why Choose Invizear for Your Tinnitus Treatment?

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Extensive Tinnitus Experience

You can’t become an expert in Tinnitus overnight. It has taken years of study and interaction with you, my patients, to acquire a specialist status. Each of you is different, and the benefit of the incremental knowledge gained over time is vast.

Invizear Tailored Tinnitus Treatments

Tailored Tinnitus Treatments

There is no one-size-fits-all tinnitus treatment. We base the choice and combination of therapies on a careful analysis of your needs and circumstances. Success comes from our skill at correctly identifying your individual needs.

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Active Tinnitus Research

We constantly seek feedback from our patients and our peers and study the latest scientific research on Tinnitus. In this way, we can guarantee to provide you with the very best and most up-to-date Tinnitus treatments.

Positive Tinnitus Patient Testimonials

Positive Patient Testimonials

We can supply many references from contactable patients who we have treated successfully. They are happy to endorse a clinic that has enhanced their quality of life. You can then look forward to achieving similar results.

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Best Practice Guidelines

There are no unusual or pioneering methods here. We follow a well researched, regularly updated methodology for tinnitus treatment. There is an extensive body of research into Tinnitus, and we can validate all the solutions that we offer you.

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Tinnitus Information Shows

We host THIS (Tinnitus and Hearing Information Show) annually. It attracts international experts on Tinnitus and demonstrates our commitment to providing you with the highest quality treatments and cutting-edge solutions.

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Hyperacusis and DST

Hyperacusis and decreased sound tolerance are closely related to Tinnitus but require different treatments. We know all of these hearing disorders. A correct diagnosis is, of course, vital so that you receive the right type of care.

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Objective Outcome Measures

How will you know if your ringing ears are getting any better? We have spent many years refining the way in which we measure your progress. This means that you will have an objective way of tracking your Tinnitus journey. 

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Ongoing Tinnitus Support

Tinnitus treatment can take a long time to take effect. Some of the treatments are therapy so their efficacy will depend wholly on your reaction to it. Rest assured that you will receive ongoing support for as long as you need it.

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Courses and Seminars

Invizear’s Alan Hopkirk attends top-level conferences and seminars worldwide so that he has access to the latest research and ideas. He can validate his thoughts and provide you with the best and most innovative treatments.


Truly Independent Choices

Financial or commercial considerations have no bearing on the treatments we use since this can prevent successful outcomes. We will always let you know why we choose particular treatment protocols which we base on your needs.

Invizear Realistic Outcome Expectations

Realistic Treatment Expectations

We’re not offering you a Tinnitus cure. They don’t exist yet. In most instances, after treatment, you’ll still have Tinnitus. However, you will have learned how to cope with and it won’t have the prominence and intrusiveness in your daily life.

Alan Hopkirk Attending Tinnitus Workshops, Seminars and Events

Alan Hopkirk and Professor Josef Rauschecker at TRI May 2019

Josef Rauschecker, Ph.D., D.Sc. Professor, Department of Neuroscience Georgetown Institute for Cognitive and Computational Sciences. Professor Rauschecker presented at TRI (the 12th conference of Tinnitus Research Initiatives) 2019 in Taipei/Taiwan. Alan relishes meeting with stellar researchers and Tinnitus experts and sharing his experiences working with Tinnitus patients.

Alan Hopkirk hosting the British Tinnitus Association's Glasgow Support Group

Alan Hopkirk hosts the Tinnitus UK Glasgow and West of Scotland Support Group They share stories from its members and discusses treatments and the latest evidence as per Tinnitus UK guidelines. In this way, the group aims to support members by showing them they are not alone. Here the group welcomes Harriet Smith, a PhD student from NIHR, Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre as their guest speaker.

Alan Hopkirk and Professor David Baguley

Here Alan Hopkirk is pictured with the late Professor David Baguley at Glasgow Central Railway Station. An eminent researcher, prolific author and accomplished presenter on Tinnitus, Professor Baguley was Alan’s major speaker at THIS 2019 (Tinnitus and Hearing Information Show). The annual event is typically the UK’s best attended Tinnitus and Hearing show and attracts many star guests.