I can not be but extremely complimentary of the professional services I was provided by Michael and his staff. I’ve had a hearing impairment for almost 10 years plus and with Michael, it was really the first time I felt so comfortable and the presented audiological recommendations. I have already been to several other companies, but it was only upon my first visit with Michael I knew more about my ears and my hearing loss than ever before. He was recommended by a friend at the local church. No wonder. My mother is now his patient too. No more squeaks, no more uncomfortable aids, just natural hearing. He takes his time, explains in details, no problem it too big for him. Highly recommended!

E Crichton

My husband avoided social interaction due to long term hearing loss and constant tinnitus which affected him badly. He has been helped so much by Alan and Michael whose professionalism and caring manner is beyond reproach. I too will shortly be receiving my first hearing aids from the clinic.
Katrina Gilligan

Amy has only been attending The Invisible Hearing Clinic since April. We have seen big improvements with her. Alan, Michael and their team are very friendly, compassionate and professional. Amy is so relaxed when she attends the clinic. We travel from Midlothian and it certainly makes our journeys well worth it when we see how well she is coping with tinnitus and hyperacusis considering she is only 12 years old. Thank you very much for all your support!!
Angela Marshall

I suffered a severe tinnitus attack 3years ago and subsequently contacted the Hearing Clinic. The level of understanding and assistance which I have received since my initial contact has been first class. Both my wife and myself are hugely indebted to Alan and his staff.

David Sutherland

Alan & his team are very professional & show great empathy to their customers. They are very understanding & guide you through each stage of treatment to help you cope with hearing issues. I would happily recommend the Invisible Hearing Clinic.
Elaine Goodwillie

I’ve had some problems with my hearing for some time. Kept putting it off but finally, a friend recommended Alan at the Invisible Hearing Clinic. 4 weeks later I’m so glad I went. Helpful, relaxed, I’m feeling connected again in a way I’d forgotten about. I was a bit worried people would see the hearing aids but nobodies even noticed them. Thanks so much from me and my family.
B Scally

I only wish I’d found out about this before I spent days waiting for a docs appointment to get prescribed oil that did nothing. In 15 minutes my ear went from having 20% of my hearing to totally clear. Totally painless as well.
David McFarlane

Invizear (The Invisible Hearing Clinic) was recommended to me by my wife’s audiologist as a clinic able to provide my very alert 96-year-old father with much-needed advice and top-quality hearing aids to enhance his life. Despite having failed to benefit from his old NHS hearing aids and being sceptical of ‘going private at his age’, Alan persisted with him for several weeks, patiently answering all our questions and emails, explaining everything and matching my father’s requirements with some very good instruments – at a cost my father was happy with and with the promise of backup support to alleviate all his concerns about the future. Invizear has given a lot of time and attention, helping my father adapt to the new aids. With Alan’s help, he now enjoys amazing improvement in his hearing and is impressed with, and appreciative of, the service he has received. Alan, Michael and Roberta are lovely people to work with
Andrew Wong

I’ve been a customer with Invisible Hearing ( Alan & Michael ) for nine years and they truly listen and provide solutions whatever the impairment. To each individual customer through their attention and care, they importantly gain your absolute trust. Nothing can improve on the human ear but this pair are trying very hard and in musical terms ” They’re Simply the Best ” and fully deserve their 5 stars!
William Perston

I’ve had tinnitus now for around 7 years, though for the first 5, the condition didn’t really bother me too much. Then in late 2016, it flared up to the point the stress it caused rendered me unable to work and participate in a normal life. Around that time I found the Invisible Hearing Clinic and was given a very professional assessment by Alan, who then went on to work through a course of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy with me. After going through the therapy I was able to resume a normal life. The tinnitus hasn’t went away, but the education I received on how stress influences the condition made it much less frightening, and the techniques for de-stressing brought it down to a level I can live with just fine; as long as I’m keeping busy I hardly ever notice it.

Throughout the 2 years, I’ve known Alan and Michael I’ve really enjoyed working with them. In particular, they showed an immense amount of patience and understanding with me when I was at my most irrational and panicked in the early days. I truly would not be where I am today without the help I’ve been given at the clinic. Alan also has a real passion for the field and is always making an effort to keep up with the latest research and developments, so I intend to continue working with him in the future as new treatments and therapies become available.

I would highly recommend the Invisible Hearing Clinic to anyone with tinnitus or related hearing issues.

Chris O'Neil

After being looked after for 20 years and trying different styles of hearing instruments I have found them very knowledgeable and up to date with the most recent technology. They have given me excellent service and I hold them in the highest regard.

Harry Mitchell

I have been working with Alan and Michael for around 18 months now. Their depth of knowledge, attention to detail and the caring approach that they show their patients shines through. I would recommend The Invisible Hearing Clinic without hesitation to anyone with hearing loss, tinnitus or decreased sound tolerance.
Carl Williams

I have suffered from steadily worsening tinnitus since 2010 and turned to The Invisible Hearing Clinic for help earlier this year. Since I have been getting treatment and support from them I feel my control and management of my tinnitus has greatly improved as has my ability to return my life to normality. Alan and his staff have been very helpful and accommodating and I would have no hesitation in recommending them for anyone suffering from a condition like tinnitus.
Stuart Howie

I’ve been attending the Invisible Hearing Clinic for the last 18 months after being diagnosed with tinnitus. Alan is always so welcoming and puts you at ease immediately. He has been a constant support to me at a very distressing time. He is a very caring professional and can’t do enough to help his patients. I travel from Helensburgh to the clinic and always enjoy my visits feeling re-energised and reassured after them. The specialised hearing aids and coping strategies I was given have been invaluable and have greatly improved my quality of life. The clinic is relaxed and friendly and I would unequivocally recommend it to anyone.

Marje Small

I had an excellent consultation with Michael. They are real specialists in hearing. I’ll be back soon for my musician’s earplugs.

Elizabeth Miscandlon