Healthy Hearing

Healthy Hearing Throughout Your Lifetime 

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Modern Technology

The most modern, ground-breaking technology delivers first-class hearing solutions. Whatever you do for a living or however spend your leisure time, there is an ideal hearing device for you.

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Budget Friendly

Cost should not be an obstacle to better hearing. There are many superior quality hearing devices that can be matched to your particular budget and individual needs.

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Peerless Aftercare

Choose The Invisible Hearing Clinic for unrivalled aftercare and support. Receive lifetime help and back-up with your hearing devices from hearing professionals who you know and trust.

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Home Visits

Mobility issues and confinement should not be a barrier to optimum hearing health. For your convenience, we can undertake full hearing assessments in the comfort of your own home.

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Hearing Assessments

Our hearing assessments are fully comprehensive and include a lifestyle questionnaire to determine your daily routine, your aims, your budget and how you would like the hearing aid to function.

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Care and Compassion

We know that hearing loss can be distressing and confusing. You will get honest, straightforward and friendly advice and support from hearing experts who know and understand your issues.

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Audiological Examination

We will test your ability to hear and understand speech in the greatest detail. We will use all of our findings to suggest suitable hearing aid options that meet all of your requirements.

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24/7 Hearing Aids

The world’s first hearing aid for extended wear months at a time. You don’t need to take it in and out every day, and there’s no battery changes, just months of completely discreet hearing.

Hearing and the Community

Alan Hopkirk and Michael Pavloski at the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists in 2019

Clinical Director, Alan Hopkirk is a member of BSHAA’s (The British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists) Council, their governing body. This means that he is a the forefront of the society’s quest to deliver first-class audiological care and the highest standards of professional conduct. Alan is pictured here with his colleague Michael Pavloski at a BSHAA conference in Coventry.

Alan Hopkirk at the Hearing Across the Lifespan Conference at Lake Como in Italy in 2018

HEAL (Hearing Across the Lifespan) International Conferences give the opportunity of experiencing technological advances in hearing care. Modern research is also presented along with best practice guidelines to improve and increase options for the hearing impaired from infant to adult. Alan Hopkirk attends these events to ensure that Invizear provides you with the best cutting-edge care.

Alan Hopkirk and Michael Pavloski proudly display their Dementia Friends certificates

Dementia Friends is an Alzheimer Scotland initiative to increase awareness and reduce stigma. Dementia Friends help people with dementia in many ways from demonstrating patience in a shop queue, to helping someone with public transport. All these things count. Alan and Michael are acutely aware of the link between an untreated hearing loss and the increased risk of dementia in later life.